Monday, May 14, 2012

Heat Advisory





5 Day forecast for Phoenix

Monday 102

Tuesday 104

Wednesday 105 <-- this is not hot nor is it excessive, you watch we will get hotter.

Thursday 103

Friday 99 <-- Look we are going to cool off again. LOL

I laugh that my weather forecast email calls this hot, excessive, and uses a little red thermometer instead of the normal sunshine. 105 is nothing, we are just getting warmed up. 115 is normal summer time high if not higher, come one we survived 121 here in the summer. Every couple of years we seem to get just a little bit hotter here in desert.

I predict by months end we will have already reached 110 if not hotter. Really come one, we are already in summer mode here in Phoenix when Valentine’s Day rolled in, Our seasons are hot and hotter. That about sums it up just right. And yes it is a dry heat, 99% of the time. So the stickiness is all you baby! LOL

So who wants to come out to sunny Phoenix AZ, forget the sunscreen back the fire suit?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

At Long Last I am back online

It has been a little while since I posted. I lost my internet and well I am back up and running now. Just took a couple of months.

I finally paid off a huge monthly payment I was making. So I now own my bedroom set free and clear. Yeah! Playing catch up on other things.

I have had 3 new additions to my house. 2 new snakes another Red Tail Boa, I named him Jupiter. He is a nice snake, he is just really big. I think he will still get bigger.


I got a Ball Python, next to Hiss he is my favorite. I named him Dratini, means tiny dragon. It is from Pokémon. Dratini are said to be gentle shy creatures. That is a good way to describe my Dratini. He is a pussy cat of a snake. Actually pussy cat is the wrong choice of words, my pussy cats are anything but gentle. The word monster comes to mind when describing my cats.

Dratini has so made me fall in love with the ball python, that I for sure want more of them. I would like to attempt to breed them now. The idea frightens me, Ball Pythons are egg layers. There is a whole other level of care needed for eggs. I took Dratini in to be sexed and he is truly a boy. The kid that was checking for me liked his markings called them “unusual” and like his belly, it is pure white. Icould mean nothing, but it could mean he carried the gene for Piebald. So I want to find a female that is 100% Het for Piebald or just get a pie bald. See if I can get some piebald babies. The link below is to a photo of a nice looking piebald.

These two came from a co-worker’s friend. He travel’s a lot for work and couldn’t invest the time these guys needed for feeding and handling. There was also issues with the wife not being comfortable with having to feed them so they came to live with me.

This is my Dratini

This is Pokémon’s Dratini.

Third creature I got was Tucker, an 8 month old baby Sulcata tortoise. He is about the size of a plumb right now but will grow into the size of a tire. Could weigh up to 150-200 lbs or more. To learn more about Sulcata’s check out this web site.

I had done my research and had decided I wasn’t going to invest in getting a Sulcata, but I knew I wouldn’t turn one away if one was offered. One was offered, so I have a Sulcata Tortoise now. He was receiving excellent care from the people I got him from they just traveled a lot and she didn’t like to leave him home alone.

This little cutie is Tucker

My babies finally turned 1 years old. Yeah that means I no longer have kittens in my home. The last 3 years I have had at the very least 2 kittens in my home. I was tired of the little monsters.

Here is Emmy (blue) and Grumpy (tabby) when they where their cute little monster selves. 2 weeks



My Girls at 1 years old.



I just had to include this one, Grumpy giving me the look.


This is why Grumpy doesn’t like me…..


And how I know she loves my son no one is forcing here to sit there, she just is.

I have gotten some stitching done while I have been off line. I did some more work on my frog pile piece. I also stitched the logo for the New England Patriots for a friend. First I had to design the pattern. Thankfully this was an easy pattern to work on.


I took the snakes and Toothless to my son’s school for the kids to meet them. The kids loved it. They all got to pet Toothless and hold Hiss. Next year I will probably allow Dratini to be held as well. I just him he is a nice and calm snake just like Hiss. I will find those pictures and post them as another entry.

My boy has gotten me addicted to Pokémon games, I have my DS so he and I don’t fight over who gets to play it now. I play 3 different games, Silver, Platinum and White. This obsession is also part of the reason Dratini was named Dratini.

I will have to post again when I get my other pictures back; I took my son 2 weeks ago to the Grand Canyon deer park with my step mom and got some fun shots of the animals. I also got to know my step Mom a little better over the weekend.

So that is my update, still animals, animals, animals in my world. And to end this shot here is a picture of 3 of my cats actually getting along.


Happy Mother’s Day to all my Mommy friends. Hope your day is great.