Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's Snake and Break......

Salazar Slytherin passed away. He was alive on Saturday, today he was dead. I took Slyther into the vet August 4th and picked him back up on August 7th. When I took him in, he was feisty and alive and his colors where beautiful, his red was a bright Christmas red, his black was shiny, it had a sheen to it like motor oil in water, and his white was snow white. When I picked him up on Tuesday his color was the color of wet red brick, his black was matte and his white was a Country Crock (butter) yellow.

While at the vet she gave him an enema, and an injection of calcium, and some appetite starter for cats and dogs, a product called AD. I thought the color might be from staying at the vet for 4 days, and would return when he was back home in his home, under proper conditions. It was a shock to find him gone.

Slyther was 5 years old, maybe 6 now. I got him for myself for my Birthday last October. I hope his last few days where not painful, he looked awful today. He went from being full and robust; even if he was being a stinker about eating he still had a good body mass to a week later look as thin as a pencil. His spine was sticking up on his back this morning from head to tail. He did not look like this on Saturday.

I think I will find another vet for the next time I need to take a snake to the vet, I don’t want to find out the hard way they are a repeat offender to killing snakes. Poor Slyther.


And if it Ain’t broke….

My son took a dive at school yesterday, the cafeteria floor broke his fall, and almost broke his arm. The DR at the Urgent Care wasn’t sure but thought he had a fracture in his arm near his elbow, she could see a mark on the X-Ray that she didn’t think should be there. So she sent us to an orthopedic surgeon. He manipulated my son’s elbow, twisting it and turning it and bending it in all sort of directions. He thinks a nice deep bruise maybe the culprit. So his orders are to keep it in a sling for a week, no recess and no PE for a week and come back and if it is still bothering him he will do new X-Rays.

He has only been back to school a week today and already he has gotten broken at school. This could be an interesting year. I told him he couldn’t break anything more until after the 1st of the year. Mommy is out of sick and vacation time.

I did get to spend the day with my boy, the Urgent Care, then my work while I talked to my supervisor and called to find a DR to take him to, then we went to get Emissions on the car, might as well, we had 5 hours to kill before his next appointment, we went to lunch and then I took him to the Ortho DR. His Dad met us there and will take him to the follow up next week.

So thankfully no cast for the boy. Probably better this way, means it isn’t as bad as it could be, and he won’t have to deal with the smelly foot smell when the cast comes off, or the peeling skin like a snake and the zombie white boney arm from lack of sun and use. I think he was disappointed, I think he wanted the girls to pay attention to him with his broken arm.