Sunday, April 27, 2014

Moon and Stars Flower Pot

With Sandy or San Man Originals permission. I painted her logo Moon and Stars from her monthly newsletter. I just think these guys are just adorable. I had so much fun painting them.

I started with a standard Terra Cotta Pot 6 inch. It had a blue glazed paint finish. I painted the pot white and drew the outline of the moon and the stars and went to painting them. I used acrylic paint. I finished the dry pot with a clear coat. Add bonus the glaze gives it a nice shine too.

So here are a few shots of Moon and Star Pot thanks to Sandy’s adorable design.

 photo MoonandStorFlowerPot7_zpsa55429aa.jpg

 photo MoonandStorFlowerPot_zpsb915733c.jpg

 photo MoonandStorFlowerPot6_zpsb7d7d54b.jpg

Saturday, April 26, 2014

More Hoots for the Year of the Owl

I finished Heritage Crafts Three Little Maids, this pattern as been in my stash for ages and ages. I thought it was going to be big, the pattern pages where huge, once I stitched it up not so big. What was I waiting for. I stitched them using DMC and 28 ct white Monaco by Charles Craft.

 photo threelittlemaidsapril1520141_zpse99a902d.jpg

Cute hoots Ollie

This is Just Nan’s Ollie. Cute little owl on orange. I messed up the tail feathers but decided not to frog to fix it so the colors are not as they were on the pattern, oh well; I think he is still cute even with his imperfections.

This a a 32ct maybe 30ct linen called carrot. The threads are DMC mostly and GAST – Hazelnut. The beads, snaps felt and ribbons all came with the kit, I had to order the owl bed separately.

 photo CuteHootsOllieApril20142_zps055fa895.jpg

ollie photo CuteHootsOllieApril20141_zps6a063681.jpg

Oakhavens April

Another one of Tonia’s owls from her 2011 SAL. I never did them then, but they are getting done now in my year of the owl. I worked this one at work during my lunch break. I get 30 minutes, took me 3 days to do it. So this is a fast stitch.

April is stitched on 28ct Stellar Laguna I think by Weeks Dye Works, but I am not 100% sure on that. I used DMC to stitch April.

april photo OakhavenAprilOwl_zpsd83f3502.jpg


This is Just Nan’s Tree Hallow Hoot with “Major” hoot charm. This was a 1 night stitch up. Decided I am going to turn this into a No Sew Cube. The fabric is a 28ct, but I don’t remember the name of it. The threads are all DMC. The pattern for Major came with the charm.

 photo TreeHallowHootApril2014_zps4cad63e6.jpg

Administratvie Professionals Day

Wednesday at work was Administrative Professionals day. Ok maybe not just at work, it is an official

Hallmark card day now. But it feels good to be appricated sometimes regardless of it being a another made up day to sell cards or not.

I did get a card – I think the puppy looks kind of like my puppy Sydney.

my card photo AdminProfessionalDayGoodies1_zps46f946dc.jpg

I got a Mylar balloon, I borrowed the image from online, my balloon wouldn’t stand still

 photo 6f41c7f2-4bb9-4525-b0b8-8bf1133fe48e_zpse45639d8.jpg

And I got a flower, a cyclamen, going to repot it on Monday. It’s a pretty pink flower, I bought a terra cotta pot for it that has a glaze finish on I already but I am going to repaint the pot to look different. The glaze finish will help to keep the water and the paint from coming in contact with each other.

cyclamen photo AdminProfessionalDayGoodies2_zps3a38295d.jpg

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday Update

I finally got a neat x-ray of my collar bone. I have been told it looks like a caterpillar or a one of those stick bugs. Granted it is not a very good picture but you get the idea. This picture is a scan of the print out they gave me at my last DR appointment.

 photo d9549e2b-d475-4119-b005-55f0b8ae8d5b_zps636cff28.png

I am happy that I seem to be healing well. No physical therapy yet. I have a broader range of motion in my arm each day. I can reach my hand behind my door and I can almost reach my arm out the window to use the drive thru ATM. Almost. I am once again able to put my own hair up in buns or a pony tail. This is a huge deal for me as maybe two weeks ago I could barely touch my chin with my left hand.

I still wear out pretty quickly, but I don’t think that is 100% my collar bones fault.

I still need Frankie (my second pillow pet frog), at work to support my arm during the day. I had to buy a 2nd one when I left Freddie at home one day. Thankfully pillow pets have dropped in price from $24 to only $10.

I am happy to report I am no longer taking any pain meds. I had one bad day where I had to with draw off of it. Apparently I had become addicted. I ran out and had none to take, at least not the stuff I had been taken. So I went almost cold turkey that day to get off of it. I had a raging migraine that day was totally sick to my stomach, I had the shakes and all I could think about was getting another pill. I ended up sleeping it off and I did take another pain pill I had found from my last back pain flair up. I took that for the next 2 days and since then I haven’t taken anything except Tylenol and Midol. My shoulder feels tight some times, but no really pained.

I have also been able to lay down to sleep at least for a couple of hours at night. Before I get up and migrate back out to the cat for the rest of the night. That is huge. I miss sleeping through the whole night in my bed.

Neo finally got a bath and a haircut. He looks loads better already. Smells loads better too. I need to make sure I take him more often, he needs to get used to being groomed. Apparently he is a huge handful at the groomers.

I am cooking today for the first time in well longer than my accident. I am not much of a cook, I don’t really like to cook. So I like to do most of my cooking on the weekends or let my son cook. I made up the fish for a cold fish dish, that you serve on slices of cucumber and tomatoes. I made the cucumber sauce that goes on it too. I am going to serve it with a Greek salad with a lemon dressing. That will make two days of meals, then I am going to make stuffed bell peppers for the rest of the week, I didn’t get them done because I ran out of steam. I still need to mix the dressing and back the veggie chips for lunch. I made a wardorf salad and I make tuna salad for stuff tomatoes for lunch next week. I also made lemon cupcakes for dessert and chopped up the turtles carrots for next week.

Tonight I am making the dinner I was going to make for Christmas Eve dinner, but since I was able to go to visit family last minute that day I stuck the meat in the freezer and I am making it tonight. I had to call my Aunt Deb and converse with her on how she made it. Hers was so tender at Christmas I hope I can duplicate it with her advice. I am going to make the attempt tonight. Looking forward to being able to eat better and feel better and just maybe even take off some weight again, First Christmas holiday season and them my broken collar bone had me eating foods that were not so good for me.

Sydney is now officially an adult dog. She has reached the 1 year of age mark. But she still has a lot of puppy tendencies. She mellowing out a little bit. She is still super hyper, but is listening better. I need to get her to the dog park again to run but I can’t walk her myself right now, it is too much for my shoulder still. She needs to get out and run more. She loves it.

I had Neo and Sydney weighted yesterday at the Vets. Neo is 11.3 lbs that is pretty big for a Yorkie, but he is not heavy. Sydney weights 69.9 lbs. She may still fill out a little more as she gets older but I have a 70lb Akita Husky on my hands. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love her she is an awesome dog. Wish I could take one of her little brothers from this year’s litter. I even have a name picked out for it if I got it. Dakota, but I would probably call him Kodi for short. I am not how ever getting another puppy, I have no room, time or energy to train it, let alone afford all its puppy’s needs with the medial expenses this year. Syd would love it though another high energy dog to play with.

So that is the update, I will try and get the pictures of my latest finishes in here is a day or two, I have to fix the pictures, I also have a picture of Tokka to post, he is growing, slowly, but is a little bigger than he was last year. So much fun having a tiny turtle. Tokka is about 18 months now. Raising a hatchling turtle is nerve racking I have found. They need more care than adult turtles do. Thankfully Tokka took to self soaking fast than Tucker did. I will post pictures in the next post.