Saturday, December 22, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Another busy weekend, but this one spent at home.

I am getting the house ready for Christmas eve, so that means cleaning. But I also built my Crested Gecko’s terrarium. I built the wall ages ago and I thought it would never stop smelling, it finally did. So today, I built in the ground; put in the plants, and the stitcks and Yoshi’s magnet hanging food dish. I found 2 great pieces of wood last night at the feed store. One is all wavy and the other is a piece of grape vine I think.

The finished tank


Yoshi in his new tank.

He is a little stressed so am I am leaving him alone right now. Letting him settle in. This is my first living tank, the plants will need care too. There are 2 vine plants, a sword plant, a bromeliad and 2 other plants I can’t identify. I have 4 other plants, 3 will go into this tank, my next project. My son’s spider will probably get the 4th plant, the 2nd pothos plant.


This one is a little bit smaller; I am thinking this one will house these guys. This is a Bumble Bee Dart Frog.


My other project today. My 10 gallon fish tank all set up. I brought my small tank home from work and have it setting on the kitchen counter for the last week. Finally got the tank all set up. My son picked the parts to go in this tank. I think he made some pretty good choices here. I didn’t get to use everything, the yellow flower ball didn’t fit, about 6 of the plants didn’t fit, Buddha had to stay out and the little Zen garden bridge was left out. I will add some fish next week, right now the occupants of this tank are Pip and Pop my African Dwarf frogs, and 2 little ghost shrimp, they are exploring their new space and d├ęcor.

Tomorrow I get to do my holiday baking. Sugar cookies and rum balls.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Santa Claws and Howard

This is my really large albino pacman frog. I named him Howard Hughes.


I was sad when my son was no longer little enough to still believe in Santa. His loss, I still believe in Santa, don’t you?

So am thrilled that I now have a 4 legged child I can take to go and see Santa Claws. (Yes I know I spelled it claws, not Claus). This morning I bathed Neo in the kitchen, (I use to do that with the boy when he was little) and gave him a good brushing and took him to go see Santa. He was a really good boy; he didn’t pee on Santa or bite him.


I got new stash in the mail today.

9 Mill Hill Bead kits
a 6 pattern Owl Christmas Ornament kit
a set of double eyed needles
a twist light
a thread organizer and
a cord making tool