Sunday, April 28, 2013

Umbreon and 6 Little Owls

Sydney is growing like a weed. She is now 10 weeks old and 16.9 lbs. She gained almost 9 lbs since her vaccinations at 6 weeks when she weighted 8.5 lbs. She is going to be so big.

Sydney isn’t feeling great today. This happened last time too, I think the dewormer upsets her tummy.

I don’t have new pictures of her today, I will get some new pictures of her when she is feeling better, maybe from her training class.

I did finish 2 cross stitch pieces this week. My 6 little owl ornaments by Laura Doyle Designs

 photo SDC18742_zpsb495e884.jpg

I started and finished this one in just a few hours. This is Umbreon she is part of the Eeveelution group. I can’t wait for the girl that is designing this black work series to do the rest of the Eeveelution series. There are 7 more, well 8, a new one is coming out this fall!

 photo SDC18739_zps5ef1d852.jpg

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dirty, Sore and Tired

Wow that sounds like it could be the start of a naughty post. But that is not that the case. Yesterday I did almost nothing all day. I mopped the kitchen floor and did a load of dishes. Mostly I just rested, let’s just say sometimes it is not so much fun to be a woman and leave it at that. I am sure all you ladies know what I am talking about.

So today with feeling worlds better, we did chores, lots of chores. The puppy got me up at 5:45 AM not bad since I usually get up at 5:30 anyways. But starting tomorrow I will start getting up at 5:20 to get me moving closer to 5:00am wake time so I can get up and walk the dogs in the morning before work, I need 30 minutes each morning to let me body get unstiff from being in the same position all night.

So I got up this morning, ran the dogs outside in the yard for 10-15 minutes, brought everybody in to feed them and then packed up the laundry to take to the laundry matt. My washer died a couple of weeks ago  but in 23 minutes give or take loading the car and driving the mile to the laundry matt I was back home hanging the laundry on the line to dry. I have no dryer, in fact the whole of 4 years I have lived in this apartment, and the 5 I lived with my parents, we have used the lines outback. This time of year it is dry in an hour or less even at 7 in the morning. In a few more weeks, what you hung up first will be dry by the time you hang the last item. But that is 120 degrees for you.

So after the laundry was washed, I went to Fry’s our electric company has a pay station in the store so I can pay with cash, this is huge since I don’t have a checking account, credit card, debit, etc…. you can’t bounce cash. I picked up the Sunday paper while I was there. Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of good ads. Maybe Wednesday’s paper will be better.

Came home and hung the laundry and then I woke the boy, it was about 8 by then. We started working on chores. I hung the can crusher and the boy crushed all out cans. While he was crushing cans, I puppy proofed the gate, the naughty little puppy wouldn’t stay in the yard. I still need to fix the gate, but that is a project for another weekend.

Last weekend I wore myself out digging a whole under the gate to play the paving stones in so all three of my mangy mutts couldn’t dig out.

The boy and I did a lot of chores inside too, we cleaned 3 snake cages, the bearded dragon’s cage, 1 turtle cage, and changes the water dish on all above plus 2 other turtles. We changes the cage carpet on the fire belly toads cage, had to untangle and froggy, orgy is the nicest word I can use, one of my poor little brown frogs had 3 boys attached to her, DAVE among them. I guess DAVE is a boy after all. I want to upgrade their tank, make it a real show piece. Even if they are just Fire Bellies, but I like my frogs, I think they are so cool.

There was a bunch of stupid chores to too, pick up the living room floor, the vacumm is dead and we have 3 dogs that bring in everything. So we picked up the big stuff off the floor. The boy put away the cat litter, changes the kitty box, dumbed the BBQ ashes into the trash can, tore up and tossed the boxes we use to have the cans in, I hung the wooden spoon I have from this giant set my Grandmother gave me, it fell from where it use to be and I just never got around to rehanging it, really it was me being lazy and not taking care of it before. We had some other chores, clean the bath, bring the laundry in, I do still need to fold it and put it away, only bad thing about doing all the loads and once is everything , 5 or 6 loads are all dry at the same time. Had to change the filters on the two fish tanks today too, that is once a month task.

We collect soda cans, or any cans beer, energy drinks, etc… when we find them, and we tend to just toss them in the car, we took them all out of the car and added them to our crushed cans.

Sad thing is a lot of the little things we did today were chores that should have been done ages ago, like when we brought the groceries home, or found the cans at the store. OR the can crusher hung a month ago when I got it. That sort of thing.

I can say I am doing the important stuff, keeping the yard raked up, the bathroom clean, the kitchen floor mopped and the dishes washed and the laundry too.

After all that the boy and I went out to run a few errands, we went to Petsmart and got dog food, we went to staples so I could make copies of the puppy training guide to introducing to your puppy to grooming process, so I can return the book to the library, I am ordering the book from Amazon that I copied it from up until it arrives I wanted to have the guide. Neo is terrible when I take him to the groomers and Sydney will be too big for her to be like that so I am socializing her to it now. Playing with her feet, ears, etc, so she gets use to it now. Anyways, we got some lunch at Schlotzkies, I had a small roast beef on rye, yum. We went to Home Depot, I need a 2x2 to construct the turtle pen and I got a hook to hang my frog with, my aunt for my birthday in October gave me this toadally cool terra cotta frog, hand painted and made in Mexico for my birthday. I haven’t hung him because I was terrified that he wouldn’t stay on the wall when I hung him up and I got 3 cabinet latches so I can fix a couple of my cupboards. Last stop was Game Stop to pick up the boys video game that we order for him ages ago. It finally was released.

So when we got home we built the turtle pen, it isn’t pretty but it will let the 3 turtles go outside now. We had to dig a ton of dirt out to get the pen down in the whole, now we need more dirt to fill the box up with. We raked up the yard, and then we each hit the showers. I am not doing my computer TO DO list stuff. Well not this blog, this is an afterthought. That and I had to show off the pooped puppy again and the turtle pen, it will work until I can build them the brick one.

Needless to say I am feeling all the work we did today, I am sore and tired, I think I got a little sunburned and not so dirty now, a hot shower sure felt great. I think it is/was well worth the effort, the house and the animals are clean and happy now. I have my feet up, and a big tall glass of ice cold water, my legs are tripping a little right now, Restless Leg Syndrome will do that though. Finishing up my computer stuff and then I think I will put on a movie and do a little stitching on Owl and the Pussycat, I haven’t worked on it in a while. Oh but I did finally finish my 6 little owl ornaments, I just need to get a picture of them and put the Felt on the back of them. I will post pictures hopefully with my next update.

 photo SDC18720_zps22aa74c1.jpg

 photo SDC18721_zps8ca50ce2.jpg

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Growing like a weed

Sydney decided to chew her bone on the doggy bed. If you scroll down you can see how much she has grown in only 2 week since I brought her home. Yes this is the same puppy and the same bed. This puppy is going to be a HUGE dog.

 photo SDC18705_zps539d8340.jpg

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Doggy Pool Party

I got up early thanks to a certain 8 week old puppy. She started crying about 5am, she hasn’t figured out that Mommy sleeps until 5:30 yet.

I went to scrub my carpets today, only to find my regular vacuum isn’t working right, so I can’t even get the floor vacuumed first so I can run the carpet scrubber  It is a brand new vacuum too.

So I watched some TV, mopped the kitchen floor, and played a little MineCraft on my son’s XboX 360.

Then at 10 I packed up Sydney and Neo and we went to get Sydney’s nails trimmed, I also had to get dog food and Kong Stuff. I got Sydney a new dog bowl, pink, of course and a Kong treat dispenser, I am going to give Sydney her mid day meal in it while I am at work during the day she can shove it around and get the food to fall out. Give her something today during the day.

 photo SDC18701_zps89867554.jpg

We stopped off and a fund raiser car wash, to get Tuesday’s dust storm washed off my car, and Sydney got to meet some more children that fed her cheez-its and kool aid. Well the kool aid she found on the ground from a spilt cup.

When we got back from Petsmart we had a doggy pool party in the back yard.

My Dad brought down his Border Collie Scraps and my lab Bailey, and with my three Peaches, Neo and Sydney they played for about 45 minutes out in the yard. Got soaking wet and dug a few holes they they got good and muddy, well except my jack who didn’t want to get wet.

 photo SDC18678_zpsd22b9823.jpg

 photo SDC18692_zps1d2f84c7.jpg

 photo SDC18685_zps4a0c0f20.jpg


 photo SDC18686_zps9feab329.jpg


 photo SDC18689_zps0583cf3b.jpg


 photo SDC18690_zps03f89c7d.jpg


 photo SDC18684_zps00557f7e.jpg

Pooped Puppies

 photo SDC18700_zpsa1a1e15b.jpg

 photo SDC18703_zps64c3793a.jpg

I took the dogs back to my parents place, and took my three along for the walk, stopping to visit with the people I got Sydney from. They love to see how she has grown. Syd got to see her Momma and show how dirty I let her get. When she wakes back up I will have to brush the dirt out of her coat. Right now she is sleeping after her little adventure today. But it is good for her, she got to be socialized to other to some new people, places and things. All very important to her development.

And on a totally off doggy topic, I finally finished my Great Escape, or as much as I am going to do. I left out some flowers. I just didn’t want to do them. This is by Abi Gurden of the Stitch Specialist Yahoo group.

My favorite stitches was the breast feather that run down WOL’s chest, his wings, the sombrero stitches in his body and the stitches that make up the post of the sign post. I think the sign post was my absolute favorites to stitch. I have been working on this for over a year, my original start was on a black opalescent fabric, but I could see on it to so I switched to this purple fabric. It was suppose to look like a starry night sky.

 photo SDC18663_zps2916988d.jpg

Last but not least my Calico Half Moon Betta, isn’t he pretty. Love the contrast of colors from his body to fins.

 photo SDC18668_zpsab5548bb.jpg

Monday, April 8, 2013

More puppy pictures

I learned some interesting information about Akita’s today. They are talking, and will dance with excited. They are very Loyal and protective of their families. They are smart and tend to be stubborn so training them early is a must. Actually this is all stuff I already knew. What I learned today was that Akita’s are mouthy. They like to carry toys around in their mouths. Will lead their humans by their hands, and will gain 85 pounds in their first year of life. Akita’s tend to grow quickly.

So here are some pictures of Sydney.

 photo SDC18648_zpsb103f1d1.jpg

 photo SDC18640_zpsa4a28199.jpg

Sydney is now doing well sleeping in the kitchen all night. Last week she slept with me, but wanted to get up and play every couple of hours. She spends her day in the kitchen, playing with an abundance of toys, searching out cookies and chewing on teethy bones. So night time as long as I leave a night light on for her is no issue now. Which is nice. Getting a full nights sleep is so nice again.

So Sydney is settling in. She wants to be alpha dog but I won’t let her. She starts her puppy classes at the end of the month after next set of vaccinations. I am looking forward to working with her during training. Right now I am working on teaching her sit. She seems eager to learn it. Of course it does mean Mom will give her a cookie.

And on a totally different note, I got a calico half moon Betta.

 photo SDC18634_zps021b1eb0.jpg