Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I choose You

I finished up a couple of more Pokémon. Thanks to my son, the crazy little Pokémon Monsters that the kids I baby sat for in the 90s are back in my life. Below are the ones I stitched the last couple of weeks. I can’t decide if my favorite is Flareon or Charmander.









My boy re-introduced me to Pokémon this year in January. He was playing a Pokémon game, Pokémon Heart Gold, and he also had Soul Silver. He gave me his Soul Silver to play. We next moved on the Diamond, Pearl and Platinum editions. I have Platinum. Then it was Black and White. I have White. I am really enjoying these games. I don’t normally like video games, but I am really enjoying my DS. I got a new game Pokémon Conquest. So he and I are actively waiting for the newest Pokémon Games to come out Black and White 2. They are due out sometime this fall.

I also finished up this cute little bull dog for my co-worker. He was a quick little finish. So cute.


I finished up a Kitty Moon for my Mom, Easter Kitty Moon.


I have a project I am going to start and I was getting the little pieces done before I started. I will post pictures of the project as soon as I can. But it will be a little while.

I hurt my back again this weekend. Monday I was in absolute agony. I went to Urgent Care. The DR gave me some pain killers and script to go and get my back X-Rayed, only issue I can’t afford to pay for the X-Ray. So I didn’t do it done. I will be seeing my PCP soon and I will pick his brain for what I should do next. I am seriously considering a Chiropractor. But they kind of frighten me so I will see if I will proceed with that.

I soaked my baby Sulcata today. I put him in the bathtub for the first time. Usually I soak him in a plastic show box container. Tucker got the hiccups while in the tub. So I kept hearing this little squeak out of him, with a head bob that scooted him backwards, followed by bubbles from the other end that seemed to startle him, cause he would immediately scoot himself forward again. Then it would repeat. After a couple of minutes I took him out of the tub and let him wander around the house. He left a water trail across my bathroom floor, least I know where he was until he hit the carpet. LOL. He is tucked safely back in his little box for the night.

Tucker with a couple of lady friends.


Tucker checking out a fruit snack package.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

There’s a Monopoly card for that

I predicted wrong, we only hit 108 by the end of May, but that is still pretty hot, until June first rolled around 111, so I was off by a day.

I finished a Pokémon cross stitch I was working on. Little Charmander. I think he is adorable. There are 4 in the Christmas series I am doing. I am working on the 2nd now These will all get turned into ornaments and I will put them on my tree.


I am working on making a piece of all my favorite Pokémon. First one on the page of coarse was Dratini. Going to do one for Aaron’s favorite Pokémon too.

I found some great water dishes at the thrift store for the animals and they all have flat bottoms, meaning the animals can’t flip them over. Woo Hoo, I am so tired of Grumpy flipping the water dishes.

I took my Mom to Bookman’s traded in some books and my dancing Stitch toy. I left with $31 worth of credit. I got 3 movies, Rango, X-Men Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and a DS game that I don’t really care for. So I am going to trade it and get credit towards my game that comes out at the ned of the month that I am waiting for. I love Bookman’s trade in some junk I don’t want anymore, 3 boxes of junk and down size my clutter to 3 small DVD cases. Perfect and it didn’t cost me and new $$. Pretty nice deal.

Today I took Neo to the groomers. He got a really bad report card. Bites!!!! Petsmart won’t take him again.  so I have to find a new groomer or learn to do it myself. Which may not be a bad idea after all, save me $70 bucks every 8 weeks. Wonder where I can learn to groom him, I have clippers and scissors for dogs already, I shave Pit regularly.

So after I picked up Neo from the groomer we went over to Petco to get cat litter. I had a $7 off coupon if I spent more than $30, yeah I bought that much cat litter. 120 lbs, that will last about a week. Neo got 2 new toys too, a frog and some lamb called Lampchop.


Neo likes the frog


Well over at Petco I was just in time for the Reptile Rally, there was a scavenger hunt and beauty contest.

Scavenger hunt was fun, answer the questions on the sheet, get a participation sticker. I had to run Neo home and grab Toothless for the beauty contest. Should have brought Dratini or Candy.

So the prizes

1st place, a Zoo Med Frog Kit, tall tank, with the eco earth and moss

2nd place $10 to Petco

3rd place $5 to Petco

It was 1 Sulcata tortoise named Snooky and 4 Bearded Dragons, The Rock, Tinkerbell, Toothless and Bo.

1st place was Snooky, 2nd place was Tinkerbell and 3rd place… Toothless.


If I had won the tank I probably would have come home with a new White’s Tree Frog. The tank would have been perfect for a Dumpy Frog. Oh well like I needed another animal.

This is the first week with by boy gone for the summer. I hate the summer, my baby is gone for half of it. Today is only Sunday, I have to get through to Friday before I see him again.

Thats it nothing super exciting, but the 3rd prize in the beauty contest for Toothless was fun. I can use the card with my next coupon and maybe get out of the store with nothing additional out of my pocket. I am always shopping there.