Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bootiful Pet costumes

Today was the Bootiful pet costume contest at Petco. It was not a huge turnout. There was 6 dogs and 4 turtles. My turtles. The went out as a Garden Party.

Michelangelo “Mikey” was a Bumble Bee.  photo Petco27_zps5e58148c.jpg

Samantha “Sammie or Sam” as a Butterfly & Tucker (the only Tortoise in the group) went as a Lady Bug

 photo Petco25_zps52d96e7e.jpg

Tokka the smallest of the small was the Flower.

 photo Petco14_zpsadaac1a0.jpg

I was only able to get pictures of a couple of the dogs. The first and second place winners.

First place was Buddy the Dirt Devil. He had wardrobe malfunction, his horns wouldn’t stay on.

 photo Petco16_zpsd2299ad8.jpg

And I can’t remember the name of this dog, but he was a little cutie. He was the Frog, and his Mom came dressed as the Princess. He was such a good boy willing to stay put in the basket as long as him Mom asked him too.

 photo Petco_zps860ccb86.jpg

Tokka and Sammie made a new friend.

 photo Petco6_zpsd52ab2ab.jpg

The turtles were a hit of the pet costume contest. I don’t know how many times someone asked to take their pictures. They certainly had their Paparazzi moment today.

Tucker was happy enough to wander around the store. He stopped a few times to check out peoples’ feet or a dark spot on the floor, checking to see if it was edible.

 photo Petco2_zps4d41c19a.jpg

At the end of the contest, we packed up the turtles but let Mikey stay out for a little longer and stroll down the side walk outside of Petco. She was enjoying the heat from the sun, and drawing a lot of attention. People were stopping their cars to look at the Bumble Bee strolling along on the sidewalk.

 photo 79d7fc25-c7c0-4e80-b411-e97715e01fbc_zpsf3e7b3bc.jpg

While those guys didn’t go to Petco for the contest, they did get to try on their own fashions.

Toothless has dragon wings made for him.


She was a little, ok a lot unhappy with me putting the wings on her that I decided that she could stay home. I didn’t want her freaking out on me and trying to take a plunge off my shoulder to the hard floor below. I am sure she didn’t mind at all.

My dogs and one kitty got to try on fairy wings. I bought them for Sydney, if I decided to take her to a contest any time in the future. Everyone got a chance to be pretty and sparkly for a few minutes and get their pictures taken. Of every one the cat tolerated it the best.


 photo PEachestheFairyDogOct1220134_zps61c24ed5.jpg


 photo b6463f46-c730-42bc-bde0-704414439eeb_zps281d9bc0.jpg

Sydney (now 8 months old)

 photo SydneytheFairyDogOct1220131_zps07c3f4f6.jpg


 photo NaniFairyCatOct1220134_zps58b46888.jpg

I made the turtles costumes using felt, the red and the pink was sparkly felt, Sparkly sticky foam (the bee’s wings) pipe cleaners and pom-poms. Tokka flower was a pin I found the bargain bins at Michael’s I just took the pin off the back and glued on a belt. Next year when I make the costumes, Sammie will either have an elastic belt, as her belt made it had for her to walk, he nails kept getting stick in the belt or I will get her a stiffer belt like the one I put on Mikey. My Mom sewed the veins in Toothless wing’s and the butterfly and the dragon wings had pipe cleaners inside of them so that they could be posed. I used Velcro to secure the belt to the animals. It was safe and secure and could provide a quick release if I had to get them out of their costumes suddenly for whatever reason.

I would have gotten more pictures of the contest if I had been able too, my hands where full holding on to Tokka and following Sammie and Tucker. My son followed Mikey around as she was the most active of the bunch.

Everyone who attended the costume contest received a goodie bag. The turtles got a can of canned mangos, a reptile treat. I am sure they will love it. They also got a tennis ball, and even though I didn’t bring the dogs, they got a treat bag as well. A bag of peanut butter dog bones a few loose cookies from the dog treat bar and a tennis ball too.

The turtles each got a certificate of participation with their names on it.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Gingerbread Puppy and Gingerbread Kitty

I have been working on these two for a couple of years now. Not stitchinging them, that part was easy. I had a hard time finding buttons. I could have ordered the peppermint candy buttons but I didn't want too. Finding the buttons for the eyes was hard I had to find eight the right size.

So I have finally completed my Gingerbread Puppy and Gingerbread Kitty

 photo GingerBreadPuppyampKitty_zpse2cd2a0f.jpg

Friday, October 11, 2013

October 11, 2013

Been busy lately, working on ornaments for exchanges, that I can’t post yet as they haven’t seen their ornaments, except for one. She received her Mr. Pumpkin patch.

mr pumpkin patch photo MrPumpkinPatch_zpsc3f793f4.jpg

I have been working on Apple Doodle and Pumpkin Doodle by San Man Originals. I finished Apple doodle. Not sure what I am going to do with it yet.

 photo AppleDoodle_zps4310f51c.jpg

I took my son to Bookman’s after I picked him up from school this afternoon. My son got me this snake necklace for my birthday. Isn’t he cool?

snake neckalce photo snakenecklace_zpsd35ab760.jpg

I got myself this Gekco Necklace

gecko necklace photo geckonecklace_zps55bd6a7b.jpg

Got this new Turtle Wall Hanging, there were several other cute turtle items down at Bookman’s as well. A trivet, a purple turtle that I think was a plant pot?? And a hand painted turtle box, or and a shoe that have a turtle shell for its side and a head were the toe of the shoe is, it was actually a little creepy.

turtle wall hanging photo Turtlewallhanging_zpsa2c00914.jpg

I received a lovely Fall Exchange package in the mail, actually I got it in September, but my camera wasn’t working so I wasn’t able to show it off until now.

The ornament is San Man design. I love how it was finished. And she included some lovely goodies in he box, not pictured was a tiny pair os scissors about the size of a thumb nail. Way too cute, and the candy that came in the box, candy corn and Sugar Babies. Yum Caramel. There as also this really neat variegated green ruffly scarf.

 photo HallofallExchangeGift_zpsf507f46d.jpg

 photo HallofallExchangeGift2_zpscc4a5090.jpg

This is one of my new toads. He is “spy hopping” actually he is waiting for me to drop crickets on his head. These 2 little guys can eat!

spy hopping photo SpyHopping2013_zps93d086f0.jpg

So let’s see the puppy is now 8 months old. She is turning into a fine dog. Very bright and happy.

The boy pulled all B’s in his studies this semester.

I am currently working on Pumpkin doodle, and Heaven and Earth Design’s Owl and the Pussy cat. I am about to start Cup of Tea by Dragon Dream my Mom wants me to stitch it for her.

I have been playing Disney Infinity on the xBox, he all the worlds and most of the pieces. It sort of reminds me of Skylanders, just a little friendlier. I like the game.

This weekend I am making costumes for the turtles for pet costume parade, I am making wings for Toothless, she he can be a dragon.

To new video games come out this weekend, Pokémon X & Y and Skylander Swapforce, I am looking forward to both.

It is shaping up to be a pretty good weekend.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Arts and Crafts

Finished several San Man cross stitches

Cute Turtle with Charm. This title has double meaning, the strawberry charm and I find this turtle to be very charming, don’t you?

 photo DSC00316_zpsf11d9824.jpg

I finish 2 owl pieces, a snow man owl

 photo DSC00374_zpsdbda251a.jpg

and little piece with a blue owl charm.

 photo DSC00320_zpsfb4dcfc3.jpg

I finally put the stars on my Red White and Blue wreath. I found the little star flowers at Michael’s on clearance, they are perfect.

 photo DSC00313_zpsb3dc592a.jpg

And I got some more work done on owl and the pussycat. I am now on the second page.

 photo DSC00312_zpsc56bf52c.jpg

I made a sock Monkey. I bought a kit. I thought it was the actual Monkey. It was so much fun to make him that I am glad it was a kit to make your monkey rather than just the money. His name is Peejay.

 photo DSC00393_zpscd5a9c0a.jpg

Saturday, August 31, 2013


WOW!, what is this stuff? Why is it falling on my head? Hey I am getting wet. Oh I like this. Lets see if I can catch it. These are the thoughts I am sure that ran through my puppies head as she encountered rain for the first time.

The Puppy encountered the rain for the first time. She had so much fun playing in the rain I had a hard time getting her back inside so I could go to work.

She ran all over the yard trying to catch the rain.

 photo Sydney5monthsoldfirstrain7259_zps56ea8a31.jpg

 photo Sydney5monthsoldfirstrain7252_zps4f0d5519.jpg

 photo Sydney5monthsoldfirstrain7254_zps2a24b036.jpg

Caught in mid shake

 photo Sydney5monthsoldfirstrain7255_zpsf2256556.jpg

New Use for Bull Dog Clips

A co-worker French braided my hair at work this summer. I don’t know how to French braid so I let her put it up for me. The braid on my neck was bugging me so she too bull dog clips to pin it up.

 photo frenchbraid1_zps1f5198f7.jpg

 photo frenchbraid3_zps2a90d19a.jpg

6 months old now

The puppy reached 6 months of age. She now weighs 50 lbs. Her fur color is changing. All her black fur is changing to Brown tipped. It is really kind of pretty. She still has the black on her face, “mask” that is common in Akitas.

She is just a big (and still growing) happy, healthy, goofy puppy. I am so glad I got her. I absolutely adore her.

 photo DSC00420_zps75a12feb.jpg

 photo DSC00443_zps10db970d.jpg

New Man in my Life

He is short, quiet, so very cuddly, and hilarious.



He likes to sing




A hard worker








Loves Children



Speaks a foreign language




And yes I am sleeping with him




This is Dave

 photo DSC00437_zps8a06006e.jpg




Bet you weren’t expecting that. Maybe another cat, or a dog perhaps. LOL.


Finally got some pictures and some cross stitch pieces framed. I got both of my Stitch Specialist pieces by Abi Gruden framed.

The Great Escape

 photo DSC00442_zpsb14f8668.jpg

Tree of Stitches

 photo DSC00432_zpse5944ce2.jpg

I also framed a ton of pictures I had waiting for frames, mostly pictures of the puppy. My co-worker was upgrading her frames and gave me her old frames, which upgraded my frames as well.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Owl and the Pussycat update

I have actually gotten some work done on Owl and the Pussycat this week. I admit I have not stitched on it probably for several months; I have been working on other things or just not stitching at all. Some of the time it was just not possible to stitch with a new and young puppy trying to eat everything. She has mellowed and has learned to lay in my lap when I am stitching instead of trying to eat the stitching.

 photo 3982399f-da30-45e3-95e0-a1a1db76c1a4_zpsf2a38a7c.jpg

You can see what I got done yesterday and last weekend. I have completed page one of the pattern now. I think I have like 10 more pages or something like that still to go.

I am going to have to go and buy some more DMC threads, I have already gone through a couple of brand new skeins of thread on page one alone. I think I am going to need a lot more thread.

This is Heave and Earth Designs Owl and the Pussycat.

Last update was Feb 2013, A little bit of everything post.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kindergarten Graduate

My girl she did it she passes her puppy kindergarten class. 6 classes and lots of practice she is a kindergarten graduate.

She wore her cap and got a certificate of completion.

 photo DSC00154_zpscee720b0.jpg

Monday, May 20, 2013

Wanna see something dirty?

Sydney is now 13 weeks old. Last weekend she got sick to her tummy, lost a little weight, but as you can see she is feeling better and she packed the weight back on.

This is after she came in from playing in the mud.

 photo Sydney5201313weeksold5_zps7d7c0067.jpg

She cleans up nicely. No bath required.

 photo Sydney5201313weeks2a_zps1a7accaa.jpg

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Sydney is not a chewer. She is not highly food motivated. She is teething.

So the issue was what treat should I give her.


Nope she doesn't like it.

Freeze the Kong ?

Likes it even less now.

Puppy marketed teething toys?

Yeah right, I got that look from her, that same look my now teenage son has recently started to give me. The one that you know means "Mom, why are you bothering me?" The same one cats give their people. You know what look I mean.

So Sydney is not a big chewer. This could be a good thing right? Means I won't have to worry about my things being destroyed by her chewing them up. Great my stuff is safe!

However, my fingers, feet, the other animals not so safe. She wants to chew on us.


So what can I give her?

Frozen Carrots? Really?

No way! She'll never like carrots.

Sydney should have been on a Life Cereal commercial, you remember the ones, everyone passes the cereal off to Mikey, the boy who must not like anything. He takes a bit of cereal and smile and then one of the other kids proclaim,  "he likes it, Mikey likes it." Then all the Mom's go out and by this new cereal to feed to their children.


Sydney LOVES her frozen carrots.

That;s it, next training class instead of the bacon training bits, I am taken frozen carrot bits.

 photo carrot2_zps6e804e32.jpg

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Puppy playing in the mud

This is what happens when you turn the hose on and let the puppy carry it around the yard. She let the water fill her hole then decided that she needed to dig the water back out of the hole. I love her coat, once she was dry the dirt just fell off of her.

 photo SDC18745_zpsc83865f4.jpg

 photo SDC18744_zps9e479018.jpg

 photo SDC18764_zps532c879b.jpg

My Jack Russell acting abused – she doesn’t like water

 photo SDC18750-Copy_zpscf09474c.jpg

The puppy still wet, once the drit just fell off

 photo SDC18770_zps379cea3f.jpg

Video of my puppy - this video is also up on You tube if it doesn't work here

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Umbreon and 6 Little Owls

Sydney is growing like a weed. She is now 10 weeks old and 16.9 lbs. She gained almost 9 lbs since her vaccinations at 6 weeks when she weighted 8.5 lbs. She is going to be so big.

Sydney isn’t feeling great today. This happened last time too, I think the dewormer upsets her tummy.

I don’t have new pictures of her today, I will get some new pictures of her when she is feeling better, maybe from her training class.

I did finish 2 cross stitch pieces this week. My 6 little owl ornaments by Laura Doyle Designs

 photo SDC18742_zpsb495e884.jpg

I started and finished this one in just a few hours. This is Umbreon she is part of the Eeveelution group. I can’t wait for the girl that is designing this black work series to do the rest of the Eeveelution series. There are 7 more, well 8, a new one is coming out this fall!

 photo SDC18739_zps5ef1d852.jpg