Wednesday, February 1, 2012

One of my pet peeves

I hate it with a passion to see a car parked over two parking spaces. Really, is your car that important to you that you have to park it in two spaces. What makes it worst is these people like to park at the very front of the stores or at the office.

I decided today that I am going to start park in the half of the parking space you left open in order to protect your car, and will deliberately open my car door as hard and as far as I can in order to hit your precious car.

If you feel that strongly about protecting your precious car, park in the back of the lot where there are fewer to no cars parked. No one will care if you take two parking spaces where no one else is parking. I am tired of tipping toeing around your car to not hit it. If you are going to take two spaces, I am going to park right next to you anyways and hit your car on purpose with my car door.

Ok I am off my soap box for now, I just needed to vent anyways.

Oh by the way this post was brought to you by no less then four cars in the office parking lot this morning parked over two spaces. What makes things worst, me included, are trying to park full sized cars and big ol’ sport cars – Mustangs and Chargers – in tiny little compact car parking spots. We know we are compact, but we park here anyways. We took the risk by parking here.

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