Saturday, December 1, 2012

Santa Claws and Howard

This is my really large albino pacman frog. I named him Howard Hughes.


I was sad when my son was no longer little enough to still believe in Santa. His loss, I still believe in Santa, don’t you?

So am thrilled that I now have a 4 legged child I can take to go and see Santa Claws. (Yes I know I spelled it claws, not Claus). This morning I bathed Neo in the kitchen, (I use to do that with the boy when he was little) and gave him a good brushing and took him to go see Santa. He was a really good boy; he didn’t pee on Santa or bite him.


I got new stash in the mail today.

9 Mill Hill Bead kits
a 6 pattern Owl Christmas Ornament kit
a set of double eyed needles
a twist light
a thread organizer and
a cord making tool


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