Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Three More Hoots

Best thing about being home on medical leave is I have time to stitch. Once my staples were out it was easier to stitch. That sure helped with my boredom of being home.

I managed to get 3 owls done for year of owls. I think I am going to have more owls than year, I add more to my stitch pile than I complete.

Tribal Owl

Best thing about this pattern, is when I made mistakes they blend in well.

 photo tribalowl_zpsc587533e.jpg

Got up on the Oakhaven 2011 owls, I plan to do one each month so I finish them by the end of the year.

February - Oakhaven’s month SAL owl

 photo OakHavenMonths2011feb_zpsafb61d75.jpg

March – Oakhaven’s month SAL owl

 photo 648d6e93-c305-44d2-b2b9-1c78fd0e62b8_zpsd18bde41.jpg

Now I am working on Hetitage Stitchcraft – Three Little Maids, they have such cute faces. Easy stitch too. So far anyways.

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