Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A little Flakey work, books, and a Happy Birthday wish‏

This weekend was a busy one. Friday night I had a few stops on my way home. I had to pick up a few groceries, and some crickets and mice for the reptiles in my life. I bought 5 dozen crickets. Nothing overly exciting.

Friday night I did stay up a little late finishing a books I was reading. Last Light by Terri Blackstock. I Love her books, I have a whole list of them I need to find. Not sure which series I will read next.

Last Light/Night Light has me thinking, what is something like this really did happen like in it did in this book or like the movie with Kevin Costner -The Postman. I started thinking about what I think I would need if I had to totally live off what I had or could collect. What would I need if survival was a full time job. I would have to provide for the boy and myself, then I had a cat jump in my lap, and I thought I would have to provide for my animals too. I would have to plan for them. I had to think what I would need for them. How much I might need and how long would it last. I think I would have to learn to make dry kibble, can’t store it, it would turn rancid from the oils in the food. The can stuff would store well.

I am recommending LAST LIGHT and NIGHT LIGHT by Terri Blackstock, suspense, mystery, Christian principals, even a little romance.

Saturday I did a little stitching. Started work on Snow by San-Man originals. I changed the snow man from DMC 415 to E4743, a metallic light blue. I think it makes the piece wintery. The Grey made the snow man look like he had been playing in a fire place.

The boy and I also did a lot of work on the house. We got his room clean, again, my room this time, the bathroom, I vacuumed the house, he picked up and moved things in my path and the laundry wash before my back couldn’t take anymore standing.

We watched a couple of movies, this weekend it was Santa Claus is coming to town, Santa Clause 3, and the Polar Express. We don’t have TV so we watch a lot of movies. The Boy misses TV, I do a little, but in all reality, we really don’t need it. There is so much on movies to watch now. I do miss the news though.

The boy and I also went out with my Mom on Saturday. She needed to go to Walgreens and get some kitty food. So we went over to Metro Center Mall area. I need some more white Monaco and some Modge Podge, so I went in a very dangerous store, Michael’s, I can get into serious trouble there. I got 2 tubes of white fabric and a bottle of glue. We went into Petco and Dollar Tree too. I needed some new scrub brushes for cleaning the bathroom.

Pet stores are by far the most dangerous place for me. So many animals and supplies to look at and buy. I can get into real trouble there. I have before. This time it was my son, I was trying to have tunnel vision at the pet store, get the few items I needed for the animals.

Petco my son wanted this gray kitten pair. I said no, I have 8 cats. Last thing I needed was to bring home numbers 9 and 10. I wouldn’t even go over and look at them. Last time I did a kitty made me cry and I almost took her home. I remember her all to well, her name was Jenny, a cute Tabby, about 3 or 4, she was abandoned by her owners when they moved. How Cruel, animals are for a lifetime they are not something you can just leave behind, if you can’t keep them find them a good home. Ok off my soap box, animal abandonment really gets me, that is how I got several of my animals, because some let them go or decided they were too much trouble. So this kitty Jenny was talking to me and wanted nothing more that to be out of her cage and be petted, she was trying to touch me through the class barrier. She seemed so sweet and loving, I am crying again as I write this remembering her. I prayed her that her new forever family would come and get her and take her home. I couldn’t go back and check. It just broke my heart to walk away from her. I try to avoid that area of the store now and do everything in my power to stay out of Petco on Saturday.

I did find a few amazing deals at Petco in their clearance shelf. My favorite area of the store. I always check the shelves, you never know what you will find, this weekend I got a little picture frame to put a picture of my lab in, for only 20 cents. I got a 2 pound bag of rocks for 70 cents for the boys Betta raffle at his school in January. I only needed a bottle of cage cleaner, but I did get the crabs a fresh bottle of salt water and some new food. Something fresh and different. They like variety.

We had lunch at Soup or Salad. Had 2 big plates of salad, 1 small piece of gingerbread bread, 2 bowls of New England Clam Chowder and a bowl of Strawberry Shortcake. My Mom treated me, so I only had to pay for the boy. Salad places are fun. Salads are just, you can make your salad anyway you want it, and have a world of flavors open to you. Cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini, kidney beans, olives, the choices are endless.

I woke to a surprise for Sunday morning, the cats had knocked over the cricket keeper, and spilled 5 dozen crickets all over my living room floor and of coarse I didn’t know about it until I got up in the morning. I had to replace the crickets as that is the only food I have for the frogs right now and Toothless eats them too.

Sunday I got a little more stitching down, 2 snowflake ornaments, I have 1 left and I am done with my 12. Yeah. I just have the last 4 squares and the Froggy Mario Bookmark stripe to finish up on this piece of fabric.

Snowflake Day 10

Snowflake Day 11

Sunday I wasn’t feeling great, I am catching the boy’s cold. The one that kept him home Thursday and Friday from school. So nothing I wanted to get done actually got done on Sunday. I did however get a lot of reading down, stitch some more and I write out a couple of recipes from some cookbooks I picked up at the library. The boy and I played Mario All Stars- Mario Bros 3. I gave up part way through world 2. My video game attention span is limited.

I finished a second book this weekend. – Night Light. So I am starting book 3 today at lunch, I will read through it this week during my lunches and on the weekend finish it. I think I need to work on get the next set of books so I have them handy when I finish the last book in the set, there are a total of 4 books.

I use to be unable to read more than 1 book at time and keep them straight, but I am reading 3 right now. True Light, When Santa Fell to Earth and Tree Frogs. When Santa Fell to Earth is a youth chapter book. It is by Cornelia Funke. Tree Frogs is a pet series educational type book. I am reading up all the reptile stuff I can get my hands on. Some of my reading is telling me NO, this is not a pet I should have and some is saying yeah I could provide the care for this creature if I had one. My list of reptiles I would like changes with the completion of each book I read.

Yesterday was my best friend’s birthday, I had wanted to post him a Happy Birthday wish here, but I could not get the internet to behave itself. I did email him though. I just want my Best Friend to know I could never forget his birthday. Of course, I don’t know how often he checks my blog so he may never see this, but, Happy Birthday anyways.


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  1. I love the snowman, I can see a bit of the sparkle. :o) The snowflakes are very pretty too.

    I have a big old cat who came from a feral litter, and he is always bringing in poor little victims that we then have to rescue. So the joke around the house was that if we had to hunt to survive, he would definitely help keep us fed. LOL Now that he is getting older though, he doesn't hunt like he used to, thank goodness!