Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I choose You

I finished up a couple of more Pokémon. Thanks to my son, the crazy little Pokémon Monsters that the kids I baby sat for in the 90s are back in my life. Below are the ones I stitched the last couple of weeks. I can’t decide if my favorite is Flareon or Charmander.









My boy re-introduced me to Pokémon this year in January. He was playing a Pokémon game, Pokémon Heart Gold, and he also had Soul Silver. He gave me his Soul Silver to play. We next moved on the Diamond, Pearl and Platinum editions. I have Platinum. Then it was Black and White. I have White. I am really enjoying these games. I don’t normally like video games, but I am really enjoying my DS. I got a new game Pokémon Conquest. So he and I are actively waiting for the newest Pokémon Games to come out Black and White 2. They are due out sometime this fall.

I also finished up this cute little bull dog for my co-worker. He was a quick little finish. So cute.


I finished up a Kitty Moon for my Mom, Easter Kitty Moon.


I have a project I am going to start and I was getting the little pieces done before I started. I will post pictures of the project as soon as I can. But it will be a little while.

I hurt my back again this weekend. Monday I was in absolute agony. I went to Urgent Care. The DR gave me some pain killers and script to go and get my back X-Rayed, only issue I can’t afford to pay for the X-Ray. So I didn’t do it done. I will be seeing my PCP soon and I will pick his brain for what I should do next. I am seriously considering a Chiropractor. But they kind of frighten me so I will see if I will proceed with that.

I soaked my baby Sulcata today. I put him in the bathtub for the first time. Usually I soak him in a plastic show box container. Tucker got the hiccups while in the tub. So I kept hearing this little squeak out of him, with a head bob that scooted him backwards, followed by bubbles from the other end that seemed to startle him, cause he would immediately scoot himself forward again. Then it would repeat. After a couple of minutes I took him out of the tub and let him wander around the house. He left a water trail across my bathroom floor, least I know where he was until he hit the carpet. LOL. He is tucked safely back in his little box for the night.

Tucker with a couple of lady friends.


Tucker checking out a fruit snack package.



  1. Love the pokemon stitches! My little boy would love me to stitch them for him :) Sorry about the back....try the chiropractor - I hear they work wonders!

    1. you can find all the pokemon online, there are hundreds of pokemon patterns out there.