Sunday, June 3, 2012

There’s a Monopoly card for that

I predicted wrong, we only hit 108 by the end of May, but that is still pretty hot, until June first rolled around 111, so I was off by a day.

I finished a Pokémon cross stitch I was working on. Little Charmander. I think he is adorable. There are 4 in the Christmas series I am doing. I am working on the 2nd now These will all get turned into ornaments and I will put them on my tree.


I am working on making a piece of all my favorite Pokémon. First one on the page of coarse was Dratini. Going to do one for Aaron’s favorite Pokémon too.

I found some great water dishes at the thrift store for the animals and they all have flat bottoms, meaning the animals can’t flip them over. Woo Hoo, I am so tired of Grumpy flipping the water dishes.

I took my Mom to Bookman’s traded in some books and my dancing Stitch toy. I left with $31 worth of credit. I got 3 movies, Rango, X-Men Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and a DS game that I don’t really care for. So I am going to trade it and get credit towards my game that comes out at the ned of the month that I am waiting for. I love Bookman’s trade in some junk I don’t want anymore, 3 boxes of junk and down size my clutter to 3 small DVD cases. Perfect and it didn’t cost me and new $$. Pretty nice deal.

Today I took Neo to the groomers. He got a really bad report card. Bites!!!! Petsmart won’t take him again.  so I have to find a new groomer or learn to do it myself. Which may not be a bad idea after all, save me $70 bucks every 8 weeks. Wonder where I can learn to groom him, I have clippers and scissors for dogs already, I shave Pit regularly.

So after I picked up Neo from the groomer we went over to Petco to get cat litter. I had a $7 off coupon if I spent more than $30, yeah I bought that much cat litter. 120 lbs, that will last about a week. Neo got 2 new toys too, a frog and some lamb called Lampchop.


Neo likes the frog


Well over at Petco I was just in time for the Reptile Rally, there was a scavenger hunt and beauty contest.

Scavenger hunt was fun, answer the questions on the sheet, get a participation sticker. I had to run Neo home and grab Toothless for the beauty contest. Should have brought Dratini or Candy.

So the prizes

1st place, a Zoo Med Frog Kit, tall tank, with the eco earth and moss

2nd place $10 to Petco

3rd place $5 to Petco

It was 1 Sulcata tortoise named Snooky and 4 Bearded Dragons, The Rock, Tinkerbell, Toothless and Bo.

1st place was Snooky, 2nd place was Tinkerbell and 3rd place… Toothless.


If I had won the tank I probably would have come home with a new White’s Tree Frog. The tank would have been perfect for a Dumpy Frog. Oh well like I needed another animal.

This is the first week with by boy gone for the summer. I hate the summer, my baby is gone for half of it. Today is only Sunday, I have to get through to Friday before I see him again.

Thats it nothing super exciting, but the 3rd prize in the beauty contest for Toothless was fun. I can use the card with my next coupon and maybe get out of the store with nothing additional out of my pocket. I am always shopping there.

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