Monday, November 26, 2012

Selena and Pacman

I gave in and my son got his Tarantula. She is a Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula, Gramastola rosea. He got a female rose hair. He named her Selena. For Selena Gomez. He first thought of calling her Hannah, but thought that people would think he was naming her Hannah Montana. I like either name they are pretty. So we have Selena the spider now living in our home.


I am not crazy about spiders at all, and this one is going to take some getting use to on my end. She is a large spider. She was a little cranky when I let her out of her little deli cup. I also found out she is able to climb glass. Yikes. I did some research on tarantulas to see what would be the best species for the boy to get. It came down to 2 species, the Chilean Rose Hair and the Pink Toe. Selena is in a real simple set up right now, i am going to build her a living vivarium with live pants. Semi moist ground cover and a cork round hide and a water dish.

I finally received my albino Pacman, after a year of searching, I got one. I was thrilled. Exactly what I wanted. An Albino Pacman frog. Mine is a Ceratophrys cranwelli (Cranwell's horned frog). Of coarse in this picture mine is really dirty, and frightened. I have him in a little quarantine tank away from my other frogs. I don’t want to take the chance with them. They are just fire bellies but they are my fire bellies and I like them.. I just need to figure out a name for him now. Sometimes I name them right away sometimes it is easy and other times I debate on a name for a few days before I figure what I think is the perfect name. I will let you know when I finally name him.


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