Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Little bit of everything

This will be a big update, I haven’t had a computer for a little while it needed to be repaired. Photobucket

Finally got my computer back, so I am able to update my blog again. I apologize in advance if this becomes a novel or over whelmed with pictures.

Ok first to Lisa to answer your questions/comments you left me.

Is there a tutorial for the no-sew ornament?

Yes there are several these are the ones I like. I can’t find the one I used the first time I crafted these ornaments, but here are a couple of others that show you what to do.

HAED is a long project, and I am enjoying it for the most part, large sections are filled with a single color so that is a little daunting. But It is really turning out to be a really pretty piece. Where I thought it was a white moon it turned out to be shades of pale pinks, blues and even some purple. Not a single stitch was white. The effect is stunning. I am almost done with the first page of the pattern now.


I can’t say that I know what a tent stitch is. The pattern I am working Owl and the Pussycat is huge areas of 1 color then a bunch of confetti stitches. I am probably crazy, but I found another HAED I want to do. It is on their web site a freebie pattern. It is called Summons Dragon. It is not nearly as big as Owl and the Pussycat, it is small enough I can get the fabric at Michael’s. It has more colors than Owl and Pussycat have in them.

Valentine’s at work

My morning started out with a detour to work, I had to go a mile past my work and then come back down and around to get to the office. I barely clocked in with 1 minute to spare. Phew!

I had a meeting to go to that I have been dreading since Monday. It had to do with a report I hate doing. They took the report from me and gave it to someone else. YEAH Happy Dance with me.


I finally got to my desk to find little treats waiting for me. I received 2 of those cute little cards kids exchange for Valentine’s day. One was a little giraffe pop, so cute and the other a little puppy and kitten. I got a good bag too, filled with homemade cookies, a heart shaped box of Russell Stover chocolates and a Peeps Crispy Rice heart and another cute little kid card. It little dog with a little dog button I can wear if I want.

I handed out boxes of Sweetheart candies and little foam giraffe ornaments I made from a kit I purchased at Target.

Ok lets see Cross Stitch update. So I got some more work done on TGE, WOL is finished now and has 2 mice who probably would like to be in another picture, and I put in some of the flowers. So here is how far I have gotten. I am loving this piece not that I have changed fabric.


I also stitched a Chinese dragon. I found the started piece in my fabric drawer, mu dragon had nostrils, and toe nails, the rest of him was missing. So I finished him up. I stitched him in nothing but DMC metallic threads.


My Anakin, doing….. well I am not exactly sure what he is doing here. Ani is a silly cat. Sweet and sometimes a chatter box, this was something new that he did. Oh and whatever you do, do not touch the belly, it is a magic button that instantly makes him coil up and extend his claws and hook whatever it is that touched his belly. OWWW! Forcing you to pry the claws out of your hand using only your other hand while he and contently curls his claws in realizing he actually likes the touching.


I got 3 new frogs. Surprise surprise right! I got three Green Tree Frogs. Can you spot the frog? He is bright green and about center in the picture if that helps.


Candy has grown, she is 18 months now. She is not as pink as she use to be. She is growing into her pure white body. You can see her here in this entry I did when I fist got her.

Candy is a snow corn. A beautiful snake even if it isn’t pink.


Once again I took the reptiles to my son’s school. This is the 3rd year I have done this. I took my turtles. I let them wander around on the floor, the students were allowed to touch their shells but they were not allowed to pick them up. They were really good about following these instructions.





Loving Mikey


Toothless, clinging to Mom, this is not her favorite place to visit. She was a little clingy, I guess I smell like home. The students got to run their fingers down her bumpy skin on her back. Which sort of feels like granite.


Today was the VNSA book sale. We got there around noon today and it was so booked, huh, no pun intended. There was an hour wait to get in. So we decided to go to lunch first. We went to Old Spaghetti factory. We haven’t been there in a while. Great restaurant. Lots of fun. They have a trolley car right in the middle of the restaurant.

So we went back to the book fair, and yeah we could get right in. I have never seen so many books all in one place at one time in my life. Not even the Library has so many books. I left with 32 books and 5 cross stitch leaflets. I got a lot of reptile books, some I got for my son’s school and the rest are for me. I also got a book on Lionfish. One of the books I got was a cross stitch book. 501 Cross Stitch Designs by Sam Hawkins. I got my son the Lord of the Ring books and all but 1 of the Narnia books. I need to find him Silver chair now. I was looking for the Artemis Fowl books but I could only find 2, one hard back and 1 paperback. I want them to all be the same either hard back or paperback.

We wandered through rows and rows of books, filling a shopping cart with books. My Mom and Aunt each got a ton of books too. I don’t know how many they got, my Mom and Aunt raided the Mysteries and my Aunt and I raided the Science Fiction books and of course I visited the craft section and the pet section.


The turtle parade, all 4 turtles in one place. Tokka, Tucker, Sammie and Mikey.


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