Friday, October 11, 2013

October 11, 2013

Been busy lately, working on ornaments for exchanges, that I can’t post yet as they haven’t seen their ornaments, except for one. She received her Mr. Pumpkin patch.

mr pumpkin patch photo MrPumpkinPatch_zpsc3f793f4.jpg

I have been working on Apple Doodle and Pumpkin Doodle by San Man Originals. I finished Apple doodle. Not sure what I am going to do with it yet.

 photo AppleDoodle_zps4310f51c.jpg

I took my son to Bookman’s after I picked him up from school this afternoon. My son got me this snake necklace for my birthday. Isn’t he cool?

snake neckalce photo snakenecklace_zpsd35ab760.jpg

I got myself this Gekco Necklace

gecko necklace photo geckonecklace_zps55bd6a7b.jpg

Got this new Turtle Wall Hanging, there were several other cute turtle items down at Bookman’s as well. A trivet, a purple turtle that I think was a plant pot?? And a hand painted turtle box, or and a shoe that have a turtle shell for its side and a head were the toe of the shoe is, it was actually a little creepy.

turtle wall hanging photo Turtlewallhanging_zpsa2c00914.jpg

I received a lovely Fall Exchange package in the mail, actually I got it in September, but my camera wasn’t working so I wasn’t able to show it off until now.

The ornament is San Man design. I love how it was finished. And she included some lovely goodies in he box, not pictured was a tiny pair os scissors about the size of a thumb nail. Way too cute, and the candy that came in the box, candy corn and Sugar Babies. Yum Caramel. There as also this really neat variegated green ruffly scarf.

 photo HallofallExchangeGift_zpsf507f46d.jpg

 photo HallofallExchangeGift2_zpscc4a5090.jpg

This is one of my new toads. He is “spy hopping” actually he is waiting for me to drop crickets on his head. These 2 little guys can eat!

spy hopping photo SpyHopping2013_zps93d086f0.jpg

So let’s see the puppy is now 8 months old. She is turning into a fine dog. Very bright and happy.

The boy pulled all B’s in his studies this semester.

I am currently working on Pumpkin doodle, and Heaven and Earth Design’s Owl and the Pussy cat. I am about to start Cup of Tea by Dragon Dream my Mom wants me to stitch it for her.

I have been playing Disney Infinity on the xBox, he all the worlds and most of the pieces. It sort of reminds me of Skylanders, just a little friendlier. I like the game.

This weekend I am making costumes for the turtles for pet costume parade, I am making wings for Toothless, she he can be a dragon.

To new video games come out this weekend, Pokémon X & Y and Skylander Swapforce, I am looking forward to both.

It is shaping up to be a pretty good weekend.

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