Saturday, February 22, 2014

Other Cross Stitch and Craft Finishes

Sock monkey

 photo sockMonkey_zpsfc48824c.jpg

you may remember the sock monkey I made, I found this kit .99 at Wal-Mart and decided to make it as well, it matches my guy the last detail, slippers, the teddy, even the hat, took a couple our hours to do start to finish. saving it for my Christmas tree

VW Bus

 photo SunnyVWBusTininside_zps8b788801.jpg

 photo SunnyVWBusTin_zpse73b2f1d.jpg

 photo SunnyVWBus_zps7c6b0140.jpg

This was a chart from cross stitch gold, I didn't know what to stitch my best friend for Christmas, well what to make this year. I always make him a gift. Its tradition. it is getting harder and harder to come up with something

each year

any ways this chart fell into my lap last minute and fit perfectly on an Altoid tin, so his gift was born

i left the people out of the design everything else is the same

he loved it, he likes that I reused an Altoid tin, loves the felt i found to line the inside and says the bus on tin is providing inspiration for his real bus new paint job. Even if his is the 84 Vanagon and not a 60s loaf style bus

i used a piece of yellow and orange ribbon to make trim on the can, don't think you can see it in the pictures.

Pumpkin Doodle

 photo Pumpkindoodle_zps78a7f2cd.jpg

This maybe a repeat, this is pumpkin doodle along with apple doodle I want to turn these into throw pillows for my fall decorating.

Not a Creature was Stirring

I made this one for my Christmas ornament exchange. He went to live in Australia. He was fun to stitch.

28 ct white Monaco

DMC thread

black beads

I made the coding myself with a new toy I got

he's a lot off center

JCS ornament issue

 photo NotaCreaturewasstirring2_zps3e510dad.jpg

 photo NotaCreaturewasstirring_zpsa3947678.jpg

Mr. Pumpkin Patch

 photo MrPumpkinPatch_zpsd14ce795.jpg

This was for Hallofall I thought he was cute

he was fun to stitch.

The pattern was from one of the Halloween issues of JCS

JABCO buttons, DMC thread and 28 ct Monaco

Mickey and Minnie ornaments

I made these for my friend’s 3 kids for Christmas, I used felt to my the heads and pink bow. I used puff paint to do the lines on the bow. These were fun little stitch ups. My girl friend said the kids loved them. I am just learn how to hand stitch, this is only my second project I have done.

 photo MicekyMouseOrnaments_zpsc73753aa.jpg

Jingle Bell Mouse

 photo GingerbreadJingleMouse_zps7d737b56.jpg

There are two of these adorable mice, I have only this one, I can never remember which one it is. It comes as a partial kit; the embellishments are in the kit you need to get the fabric the DMC your self

Red Bird

 photo Cardinal_zps8ad26d36.jpg

Forgive me if I have already posted these, i am drugged, and have a broken collar bone so typing spelling may be off in my posts

this is red bird from one of the jcs ornament issues, made it for Sue.

28 ct taupe monaco

jabco buttons, a red ribbon from my stash

red memory thread

the thread is Gast i believe

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  1. Oh dear....hope that collar bone heals soon!
    Lovely projects all :) Especially love that VW bus tin and the little jungle mouse!