Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fabulous Weekend

At midnight on Friday/Saturday we went over to Wal-Mart. Now the middle of the night is the only time I will go to Wal-Mart willingly. Shhh…. Don’t tell anybody, I still hate the store. I got my carpet shampooer there. The boy pushed it around the store to the cashier stands. I also let him pick out a new Skylander figure. There are about 100 Skylander figures, we combined have about 24 of them.

First things first of course. We had to do all of our chores. We had help though. I hired a cleaning service to tackle the stuff I couldn’t tackle due to my allergy to just about everything (that my skin comes in contact with that is). Two ladies cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen. I knew it would take a while to do that. One spent about an 2 hours I the bathroom and half an hour in the living room and the other spent 2 and a half in the kitchen. But the kitchen and bathroom are clean again and that is all that matters. The boy and I did other things around the house, dusting, putting things away, vacuuming etc… we even got the back yard racked up and everything thrown away. The tree has been dropping leaves, we bagged up about 10 kitchen bags of leaves from the yard, plus branches and such that we tossed into totter directly so it wouldn’t tear up the bags. The house looks really good now. Oh and we got the carpet cleaned too. Love my new carpet shampooer. Works great.

The ladies left about 11:30 and I dragged the boy out of the house about noon. Made him go with me to a doll show at the church nearby. I was actually disappointed. I did a search for miniature show, and got the doll show. I did find a tiny little decoration to sit on the mantel of the fireplace I have for a room box I am building. The boy came away with a Christmas present for his Grandfather, and I added a dumb little McDonald’s Darth Vader to my Darth Vader Collection.

Then as promised I took the boy to Arizona Mills. I took him to the aquarium, Sealife at Arizona Mills. It is was nice little visit. There was the cutest little sea turtle and I got to see my all time favorite fish a Lion Fish. Beautiful creatures. Someday I would love to set up a huge tank, 180-200 gallons for 1 or a pair of lionfish. We both got a bag of gummies in the gift shop, mine was filled with gummy frogs and turtles and the boys with a little of everything.



We both got a bag of gummies in the gift shop, mine was filled with gummy frogs and turtles and the boys with a little of everything.

We took a stroll through Arizona Mills, and I let the boy go into Toys R Us and ride some weird space ship ride in the mall. I sat on the bench and watch him. It was a fun walk.

We took our 3DS systems with us. We each got 3 new tags from people in the mall. I told him we will have to go more often and walk the mall without 3DS systems.

For dinner a little early we went over to Joe’s Crab Shack. The boy had the KJ Steam pot and I had the Joe’s Classic Steam pot spiced up to the Sunset Grill. I let him talk me into dessert, we each had the crabby apply crumble. It was ok but not great. I am not a fan of apples. Especially the green ones. I also had a Poppin’ Rockin. It was fun, you add Pop Rocks to the drink, they shoot off in all different directions all at once. Makes a noise and a mess. But it really cool.

After that we went over and watch Wreck It Ralph, that movie was just too cute. I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD so I can watch it all the time. It highly recommend you go and see it.

Sunday we took Neo to the Groomers and did the grocery shopping and got the supplies for the reptiles to winterize them. Heating pads and such.

After Neo was done at the Groomers we headed over to another mall. Took the boy to what use to be Christown Mall, but is now Spectrum. The boy desperately needed some new shoes. His had a hole in the soul of it. He got a nice new pair that should last him a little while.

We saw another movie afterwards. Hotel Transylvania. Those of you that know me, know I am anti-Halloween. This was not a Halloween movie. Ok yes it was Dracula and monsters and stuff. But it wasn’t Halloween. I don’t think it was even October in the movie. I adored this movie.


It did not take me long to realize that Dracula was voiced by Adam Sandler. But he is my favorite actor so I knew his voice when I heard it, even with a Dracula accent. It took me a little longer to recognize Kevin James’ voice, by the way he played Frankenstein. David Spade is also a voice and so if Fran Dresher. I knew Fran from the Nanny, she sounds exactly the same and I still can’t tell you which one was David Spade. Oh and my son was delighted that Selena Gomez leant her voice to the character of Dracula’s daughter Mavis.

There is a ton of cool movies coming out that I would like to see.

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