Monday, November 19, 2012

Mesa Reptile Expo

Yesterday was the Mesa Reptile Expo. I have been looking forward to it for weeks. I had set out looking for a Pacman frog. I wanted an Albino one. This is an Albino Pacman.


All anyone had was strawberry Pacman frogs. While a strawberry is very pretty, I didn’t want to pay $60 for a frog. I will wait and get the albino later.


This show was mostly snakes. Of course there was the usual fare of torts where there. I did see a lot of red foots and Sulcatas, there was an incredible amount of Aldabra, Herman’s and Greek torts too. Even a few Indian Star Torts. Which are really beautiful but very pricy. I think somehow they are worth it though, considering you are getting a pet that will outlive you.

The hot snakes it seems is once again the Ball Python, there was more Ball pythons than any other animal I saw. There were some beautiful colored BPS. A couple of my favorite the piebald. There were bubblebees, butter ghosts, pine stripes, jungles, lemon blast spider, lots of normals, cinnamon, carmel, Ivory, snow, even a few albinos.

The red tails where also a very common snake at the show. I saw an albino and one that looked like a candy candy, it was all red and white. It lacked the black and brown pigments. It was very pretty.

I was also amused to see a brown and white Rosy Boa, and a normal rosy boa, the only rosy boas I saw at the show. There were also a few Kenyan Sand Boas in a couple of morphs. And I saw my very first up close rough scaled sand boa.

One table was dedicated to nothing but Carpet Pythons. They are a neat looking snake. They are not smooth scaled like most pythons and boas are, they are rougher snaked more like a rattlesnake.

The boy held 2 snakes while there. He wanted to touch everything, but I told him from the beginning not to touch anything. I was serious about him not spreading something from one snake or lizard table display to another. Or worst yet bringing it home to my critters.

Reptiles can harbor diseases that may not affect the colony or species they are living in, but when you introduce them to a new colony, species or just bring it home to your collection it could make them very sick or even kill them. So I told the boy he was not allowed to touch anything and when he did, he had to use the hand sanitizer first. I do that when I take the animals to my son’s school too. So the kids don’t give my reptiles some weird disease.

So the boy and I wandered the whole show before decided what to buy.

We say 3 Gila Monsters


Mexican Beaded Lizard


The boy holding a Gopher snake


And a timber rattlesnake


Like I said I had set out for an albino Pacman frog. That is not what I came home with.

My fall back was going to be a tomato frog or a crested gecko. But it had to be a harlequin, or so I thought. The color I liked was the creamsicle fire. They had lots of beautiful harlequins. There where tigers, and high yellows, and Dalmatians too. All kinds of adorable little babies all the size of tootsie rolls candies.

I couldn’t find a tomato frog anywhere. I did see one pixie, which like the Pacman is a large species of frog. Lots of little dart frogs, and some really small but very cute red eye tree frogs and green tree frogs, all the size of Tootsie Roll candies too.

I left the reptile show with a grumpy, crested gecko that stole my heart when he went from him first owner’s hand to mine and then straight up my arm to my shoulder.

This is Yoshi a red tiger male. He isn’t a baby, he is full grown. I think he is a lovely creature. His skin feels like suede, and he is a nice orange color. He can soften his color a little and he looks beige when he does.


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