Monday, April 8, 2013

More puppy pictures

I learned some interesting information about Akita’s today. They are talking, and will dance with excited. They are very Loyal and protective of their families. They are smart and tend to be stubborn so training them early is a must. Actually this is all stuff I already knew. What I learned today was that Akita’s are mouthy. They like to carry toys around in their mouths. Will lead their humans by their hands, and will gain 85 pounds in their first year of life. Akita’s tend to grow quickly.

So here are some pictures of Sydney.

 photo SDC18648_zpsb103f1d1.jpg

 photo SDC18640_zpsa4a28199.jpg

Sydney is now doing well sleeping in the kitchen all night. Last week she slept with me, but wanted to get up and play every couple of hours. She spends her day in the kitchen, playing with an abundance of toys, searching out cookies and chewing on teethy bones. So night time as long as I leave a night light on for her is no issue now. Which is nice. Getting a full nights sleep is so nice again.

So Sydney is settling in. She wants to be alpha dog but I won’t let her. She starts her puppy classes at the end of the month after next set of vaccinations. I am looking forward to working with her during training. Right now I am working on teaching her sit. She seems eager to learn it. Of course it does mean Mom will give her a cookie.

And on a totally different note, I got a calico half moon Betta.

 photo SDC18634_zps021b1eb0.jpg

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