Sunday, April 28, 2013

Umbreon and 6 Little Owls

Sydney is growing like a weed. She is now 10 weeks old and 16.9 lbs. She gained almost 9 lbs since her vaccinations at 6 weeks when she weighted 8.5 lbs. She is going to be so big.

Sydney isn’t feeling great today. This happened last time too, I think the dewormer upsets her tummy.

I don’t have new pictures of her today, I will get some new pictures of her when she is feeling better, maybe from her training class.

I did finish 2 cross stitch pieces this week. My 6 little owl ornaments by Laura Doyle Designs

 photo SDC18742_zpsb495e884.jpg

I started and finished this one in just a few hours. This is Umbreon she is part of the Eeveelution group. I can’t wait for the girl that is designing this black work series to do the rest of the Eeveelution series. There are 7 more, well 8, a new one is coming out this fall!

 photo SDC18739_zps5ef1d852.jpg

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  1. Your owls are soo cute!! I have this kit too but have not started it yet.