Saturday, May 11, 2013


Sydney is not a chewer. She is not highly food motivated. She is teething.

So the issue was what treat should I give her.


Nope she doesn't like it.

Freeze the Kong ?

Likes it even less now.

Puppy marketed teething toys?

Yeah right, I got that look from her, that same look my now teenage son has recently started to give me. The one that you know means "Mom, why are you bothering me?" The same one cats give their people. You know what look I mean.

So Sydney is not a big chewer. This could be a good thing right? Means I won't have to worry about my things being destroyed by her chewing them up. Great my stuff is safe!

However, my fingers, feet, the other animals not so safe. She wants to chew on us.


So what can I give her?

Frozen Carrots? Really?

No way! She'll never like carrots.

Sydney should have been on a Life Cereal commercial, you remember the ones, everyone passes the cereal off to Mikey, the boy who must not like anything. He takes a bit of cereal and smile and then one of the other kids proclaim,  "he likes it, Mikey likes it." Then all the Mom's go out and by this new cereal to feed to their children.


Sydney LOVES her frozen carrots.

That;s it, next training class instead of the bacon training bits, I am taken frozen carrot bits.

 photo carrot2_zps6e804e32.jpg

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