Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Puppy playing in the mud

This is what happens when you turn the hose on and let the puppy carry it around the yard. She let the water fill her hole then decided that she needed to dig the water back out of the hole. I love her coat, once she was dry the dirt just fell off of her.

 photo SDC18745_zpsc83865f4.jpg

 photo SDC18744_zps9e479018.jpg

 photo SDC18764_zps532c879b.jpg

My Jack Russell acting abused – she doesn’t like water

 photo SDC18750-Copy_zpscf09474c.jpg

The puppy still wet, once the drit just fell off

 photo SDC18770_zps379cea3f.jpg

Video of my puppy - this video is also up on You tube if it doesn't work here

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