Saturday, April 26, 2014

Administratvie Professionals Day

Wednesday at work was Administrative Professionals day. Ok maybe not just at work, it is an official

Hallmark card day now. But it feels good to be appricated sometimes regardless of it being a another made up day to sell cards or not.

I did get a card – I think the puppy looks kind of like my puppy Sydney.

my card photo AdminProfessionalDayGoodies1_zps46f946dc.jpg

I got a Mylar balloon, I borrowed the image from online, my balloon wouldn’t stand still

 photo 6f41c7f2-4bb9-4525-b0b8-8bf1133fe48e_zpse45639d8.jpg

And I got a flower, a cyclamen, going to repot it on Monday. It’s a pretty pink flower, I bought a terra cotta pot for it that has a glaze finish on I already but I am going to repaint the pot to look different. The glaze finish will help to keep the water and the paint from coming in contact with each other.

cyclamen photo AdminProfessionalDayGoodies2_zps3a38295d.jpg

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