Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

I have always hated New Year's Resolutions, I never kept them. I now know why. I always made them to vague. I didn’t set reachable goals, something tangible. So I am doing things different this year. I set tangible goals.

1. To lose 75 or more lbs this year and not gain it back. That is about 1-1.5 lbs a week.
2. I would like to complete the building of 2 vivariums/terrariums for 2 different frog species I would like to get. My little Zoo Med front opening terrarium for Bumble Bee Dart frogs and my 55 Gallon for White’s tree frogs. When I say build, I mean the flooring, the substrate, the back wall, the water and lighting. So that they are ready to receive the animals I want for them.
3. Move Tiny into his permanent home from his baby home, he is currently in a 2 ½ gallon tank, and will move up to a 10 gallon like Howard is in.
4. Move Candy from her 10 gallon juvenile tank to her permanent 20 gallon long tank. This will be her 3rd and final tank; she started out in one of those plastic shoe box containers.
5. Finish stitching the cat designs I designed. I have 4 left to do.
6. Stitch 365 of those 10x10 grid squares of the pattern Owl and the Pussycat by Heaven and Earth Designs. That is 1 square a day. I may end up doing more. But I want to do at least 365 of them. There is over 2500 squares that need to be stitched and I have so far only done about 20-30 of them. I have a long way to go.
7. Finish Frog Pile. I started this earlier in 2012, or maybe it was late in 2011.
8. Stitch up the Dragon Dreams Christmyth series as ornaments.
9. Stitch up the 12 Days of Christmas by Dragon Dreams, there are 13 the 12th day has 2 drummer variations. Dragon a has the drum set type drums with the base, and snares and cymbals, etc… the one you typically see played by drummers in bands. The 2nd is a dragon playing the Bongos. Both are adorable. Now I have to rethink doing them up as a wall hanging set since there is an extra dragon. Maybe the extra dragon will just have to be a Christmas ornament for the tree.
10. To save $600 to have as an emergency fund with hopes that I never need it.
I think these are all things that I can do.

A quick update on the animals. December brought the lost of Red; he passed away in early December. I was sad to lose him; he had been on my desk at work since I returned from Utah in Oct 2011. With Red’s passing I moved his tanks mates Pip and Pop into an aquarium with 2 ghost shrimp. For a week while the tank was cycling it was just them. On Friday I added a pair of Dwarf Gouramis to the tank, since it is a small tank that is all that will go into this tank.

I will close with this picture of Howard and Tiny, I have wanted to get a picture of them side by side to show the size difference of the 2 frogs.


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