Friday, January 25, 2013

Sammie, Scorch and Cinder

I brought home another Three Toed Box Turtle today. A female. She is smaller than my Ornate Box Turtle and 100x larger than the baby Tokka. She is missing a nail on her back foot. She has a light straw coloring and spots on her face, but not a whole lot. Her shell almost has a flat top to it. Kind of weird really. She is camping out in my kitchen right now behind the trash can. My son decided to call her Samantha. So her name is Samantha, but will most like call her Sammie.

She was well cared for where ever she came from except for the nails. Her beak is in book shape, her nose and eyes are clear.


I actually was planning on getting this turtle since I saw her 3 weeks ago. I thought she needed a good home. That she shouldn't live in some tiny little cage. Her cage wasn't much bigger than the a 10 gallon tank, much to small for an adult box turtle.

I was watching her in her cage at the store. She was active and munching on her lettuce. I haven't had any regrets with bringing home animals from this store. They take good care of them.

I also discovered Fire Belly Newts today. They are cute and small, about the size of a pinky finger. That includes their tail. I am leaning on naming them Scorch and Cinder, that is unless I think of something I like better.

I think these are Chinese Fire Belly Newts. They should only grow a little more and end up about 3 inches.

You can't tell from this picture but they have orange bellies, just like Fire Belly toads.They are cute, I can't wait to see what kind of personalilties they have.

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