Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Birthday Party Cancelled

I started planning my son's party in July. I booked the party for 10 kids at Chuck E. Cheese. He has wanted to have a party there for awhile now. He handed out party invitations at school. The very day he had two tell him they where not coming. One even said he hated Chuck E. Cheese and no way he was coming. I felt bad for him then, I just told him fine, or tokens for everyone else.

As of today no one has RSVP'd except my family, the adults. I feel horible for the boy. I had to make a tough decision, I had to turn in the final numbers tomorrow. I have zero kids attending. I am going to just take my son to dinner at any place of his choosing. Take him to get that video game he was asking for. I was going to make him wait until Christmas to get it, and have his cake with my parents and my aunt.

I am not looking forward to having to tell him I had to cancel his party. I feel horrible about it. He was so looking forward to it. But what else am I to do. He would be so upset sitting at the table surronded by 9 hats and place settings of the kids that didn't come. I will just have to make his day extra special.

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  1. Oh that is just terrible for him! How inconsiderate of the parents though. They should atleast have RSVP'd timeously - even if it was to say "sorry we can't make it" !