Thursday, September 8, 2011

Torn package, Hiss' new hide and I love Pink

I got my mail on Tuesday, the Post Office had jammed a book into my mail box. It fit in from their end, but not mine. So while trying to get it out, I damaged my thumb, and the book.


But the book is mostly ok, a little rubbing on the edge, still readable.

Hiss got a new house today, a Zoo Med Repti Shelter 3 in 1 cave. I have been wanting one, but wasn't willing to pay the $30 when I could make a hide from a butter tub for next to nothing. Petco had it on sale tonight for $7 in their clearance section. I snatched it right up. Hiss is still in his new house.

And finally my greatest find, my Bubble Gum Corn Snake. 1 of 4 snakes on my wish list. I said when I saw one again I would buy it. I found one tonight. I went looking and not looking at the same time. I knew if I found it I would get it, and I knew I didn't need it either. But I saw her, I had just about given up, the store guy was looking through the faux tree that the other 3 where hanging out in, a beautiful burgundy colored one, a black and white one, and an orange and red one. He lifted the tree and I started screaming under the tree it is under the tree, that is the one I am looking for, I want it.


He brought it out for me and I got to handle it, she is calm enough, glided through my fingers, with speed and easy, no striking behavior. No posturing, so this one has been handled. By the time I got it home she was scared. Raced about her cage then went and hid under her bedding. (could be a boy, it is pink so I call it a girl. Might call it bubbles.)
So the other 3 snakes on my wish list.

a Female Rosy Boa, I would love to get an albino Rosy Boa, much like this one

This Beautiful specimen is from Price Animal Company

King or Milksnake that looks like this beauty

This awesome snake resides at Utah's Hogle Zoo
Do you think they will let me make him a souvenir of my visit in October?

A pair of these babays, a red tail boa.
This lovely creature is found at the Rainforest Pet Store.

What a fun night. Great finds and a new snake, which was also a great find.

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