Monday, November 14, 2011

The boy and I went to go and visit my Dad in Williams, Arizona again this week. There was snow on the ground and it was cold. We left 75 in Phoenix for 47 in Williams. It was nice though. It is quiet and peaceful at my Dad’s house.

So, the boy and I loaded up in the care in the morning. We stopped at Starbucks on the way north to get drinks. He got his favorite drink, a Pumpkin Spice Latte, and I tried the Iced Gingerbread Latte. Good but not my favorite, I like the Salted Cameral Mocha Frappuccino and the Carmel Frappuccino.

I took 2 of my dogs my dogs with me, my Labrador Bailey and my Yorkie Neo, the Jack Russell does not travel well, she hates strangers and strange dogs and would have been very unhappy, so she stayed with my parents. The lady at the window at Starbucks saw my dogs. “ahh how cute” she gave them a cup of whipped cream, I let the 2 of them eat about half of it. Dairy isn’t the best thing for dogs. But that cup of whipped cream got me thinking. Starbucks should sell yogurt dipped dog biscuits. Other stores sell gourmet dog treats and if you have your dogs with you at the drive in you order a cup of treats. I know I would. I was thinking 2 med/large biscuits or 3 small biscuits would be ideal. My dogs would love it, they love the yogurt dipped treats I pick up for them.

A lot of the drive-ins places are starting to carry treats for pets now, even my bank and the Walgreens I go to have biscuits for the dogs sitting in the back seat starring at them through the window. My Lab has come to expect a treat at drive-ins now. Talk about spoiled.

The drive north is about 2 and half hours. We got into Williams at about 9:30. All my Black Eyed Susans that I am so found of are now dormant, J it is too cold for them right now. I look forward to their return in the spring, the wildflowers in Northern Arizona are beautiful. Well worth a walk in the woods just to see all the colors in bloom.

We went into town with my Dad and his wife Lisa, went to the Family Dollar store. I needed to get new wipers for my car. Had to take Neo with me, he is too little to be trusted left alone with 5 large dogs. He was already attacking a couple of them and he intimidated the Rottweiler the most. So Neo went along for a little ride into town.

The only photo taken on this trip was of the mountains. I should get pictures of the dogs and the house, it is a great house. Small but surprisingly big. So here is another photo of Snowbowl with some clouds hugging the peaks.


Lunch was create, my Dad BBQ pork chops on the grill and we had rice with it. A little BBQ sauce on the chops and mixed into the rice and it was awesome. My Dad is a pretty good cook, I am amazed. He made Chili the last time I visited. I didn’t even know my Dad could cook, let alone well.

We played card games and watched movies, and sat by a fire. We were all still stuffed from lunch so we skipped dinner. Lisa made a cake and we all had a piece late in the evening.

Neo slept with me as usual and Bailey crashed on the floor next to the boy, I don’t know who snored louder the boy or the dog.

In the morning I put the new blades on my car, the boy threw the ball for Bailey and his sister Poppy. My Dad has my dog’s older half sister. She is about half his size too, but twice the drive to fetch that my lab has and my lab will play until he drops. Bailey would get to the ball before Poppy, but Poppy would be the one bringing the ball back.

We had Scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast and played a few more games of cards. I took up Five Crowns to Williams, and my Dad and Lisa both really liked it. So I am going to look for another one, it isn’t an easy to find game, and get it for them.

Found out my Dad and Lisa are heading over to my Aunt Deb’s next weekend, they are bringing my Grandparents things in from New Mexico and the kids and grandkids are going to get to have some of the items. I told them I wanted one of Nanny’s paintings just one. I have two my other Grandmother did, and I have 1 I did and I will probably someday have the one my Mom did so I have a family set and if I have a Granddaughter (or a Grandson) someday I plan to paint with her and she will someday have all the paintings. Maybe I should do one with the boy so the grandchild can have his painting too. There is even a painting my brother did and I think there was one my Grandfather did. We are just painting fools I guess. A lot of the family paints. Anyways Dad and Lisa are going to look for those for me.

Glad I bought the wipers it rained half way home yesterday. I think the rain stopped in Cotton Wood. Got back into the Valley, Neo sleeping in my lap. Not the safest place for him to ride, but I couldn’t fight him. He wouldn’t stay in the back. It was safer to just let him sleep in my lap then to try and fight with him. He drooled in my lap so I had a big wet spot in my leg when we finally pulled into the driveway at home.

I so love road trips, doesn’t matter how long they are, I always have a blast on the road. Will probably head back up again in December some weekend I have the boy.

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