Friday, November 25, 2011


Thanksgiving was pretty much uneventful. I stayed home, played Pioneer Trail, go a couple of things organized, and bathed Neo for the second time this week. The Sprinklers came on Wednesday night and made some mud under my back fence and Neo played in it, laid in it and dragged half of it back into the house on his belly and legs. I had to wash my bed sheets yesterday as well as there was a Yorkie shaped spot of dried mud.

My Dad did the cooking, made a really good turkey, it came out really moist. The rolls where a little crispy, I like my bread soft and warm, so I ate the middles out of my rolls. He made his yummy sweet potato soufflé and stuffing, but he gave credit to Stove Top for the stuffing. There was mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli. Yum. My Mom and I hate Green Bean Casserole so he doesn’t make it.

I finished up my Mom’s ladybug Cube. She wanted me to make her lady bug cross-stitch that I made her into a no-sew-cube so I had all the materials so I went ahead and made up the little cube. I will post pictures this weekend, I gave it to my Mom and forgot to take pictures.

With a heavy heart I have decided I have to find Indiana a new home. He has been brutally attacking Bonnie and Rhett, and he fights with SkippyJon all the time too. He has injured Bonnie twice now and he goes after her with teeth and claws, it is way too much. Right now he is locked in my son’s bedroom, I hate to isolate him, but I have to protect the other cats in the house too. I have 8 and he is just too much of a bully. So I am actively looking for a new forever home for him, where he can be the only cat. He does great with dogs and children, so he doesn’t have to be a complete loaner.

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