Tuesday, November 29, 2011




Neo is my 2 year old Yorkshire Terrier. He is such an awesome little dog. I have never been big on little dogs. I have always had big dogs. Border Collies, Gordon Setter, Labrador, etc… big dogs well dogs that where at least 40 lbs.

This is a picture of Neo fresh from the bath, I just towled dried him and I am was about to start combing his hair out. So he looks a little fluffed.

While I have a Jack Russell Terrier she didn’t do much to change my thinking when it came to little dogs. She is cranky, stubborn, and really not the most pleasant dog there is.

Then along came Neo and he very quickly changed my thinking on the small dogs. I thought I would never be a Yorkie owner or rather owned by a Yorkie. They just didn’t thrill me, in fact it was just the opposite. I was disgusted by these little dogs and the people they owned. Dressing them up in clothing and dresses, and costumes. Really they are dogs not children. I thought the only practical thing for dogs to where were sweaters for warmth. I hated that they were being toted around as fashion symbols. I thought dogs should be big and cool, something the neighbor’s cat couldn’t eat.

 I tried treating him like a dog, making him walk around. Do dog things. He wasn’t having any of that. He actually begs to be picked up. He wants to be in my lap sleeping. He wants me to carry him around. He wants to be every where I am all the time. He hates to be left behind.

He sleeps with me at night time, dances for me when I come home from work. Throws a fit when I leave to go to work, take out the trash or go to my parents for a quick minute. I find myself carrying him to my parents house, taking him to pick up my son on Sundays. If I  go out in the back yard her is right there beside me. I even turn around in the shower and find him sitting at my feet getting wet.

Now I want to get one of those tote bags and carry him around where ever I go. I am turning into one of those people. I want to take him shopping at Goodwill on Saturdays, or Michael’s. His little head sticking out of the pocket in the bag. I want to take him everywhere I go, wish I could take him to work. Train him to lay under my desk in a little bed while I worked and follow me about the office as I go about.

I guess Neo has stolen my heart. I am proud to be owned by a Yorkie. I may have to get another one now. On the note of small dogs, I had my heart teased by a Chihuahua today, my friends little Chihuahua Suzy, again not a typical breed of dog I would consider, but Suzy was funny, chasing my fingers like a kitten would. She was cute. Amazing how one little dog can turn your world upside down.

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  1. Neo is so precious! I love little dogs. I had a pomeranian who was just my heart, and I have a chihuahua mix right now. I like having a lap full of sweet, cuddly dog. :o)