Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday and the Flat Tire

I stayed up late on Friday night into Saturday morning reading Southern Storm. I finally finished the book at 4:30. I went to bed about then. Woke at 7, fed the cats, put the dogs out and brought them back in and stumbled off to bed again, finally woke just after 9. My Mom came down just after that. She doesn’t knock real load so the dogs didn’t bark, they didn’t know she was there.

So we left about 10:30 to do some running around. Mom wanted to take some things to the Goodwill and go to Staples and the Avenue. I just wanted a coffee. So I took her to Goodwill, I had a few things of my own to drop off. I cleaned out some of the stuff that doesn’t fit my boy any longer. At Staples I got my son some fancy duct tape, he wants to use it to cover a butter tub to make a raffle ticket container. I also got a cute little note pad for my purse, lord knows how many times I have written on my hand or arm to take a note and a pen that writes in pink ink so my purse is set now. I also got some command Velcro packs so I can hang some Christmas pictures up on the walls. I took my Mom to the Avenue and just sat in the car, I didn’t need anything in there and I would have spent money on something.

Afterwards we hit the drive through at Starbucks and I got a Egg Nog Frappuccino. It was really good. I usually do the Caramel Frappuccino. So this was nice. I think I like this one better then the Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino.


We were heading to my Grandmother today to help my Mom finish her quilts. We were going to yarn tie the quilts today. Almost there, we are ¼ mile from the exit when my tire blows. Full out Blows, the back is shredded. I get the car off the freeway onto the Access road. I pull it all the way over, but mind you I am still sitting in a street lane. I call my Grandparents, they send my Aunt to come and pick my Mom and I call my Dad wanting him to come to my rescue, take me to the bank so I can get money out to get my tire fixed, that turned into an argument. I wanted him to come get me and was going to have AAA take the car to Discount Tire I would meet it there. Pay for the replacement tire. $26 not a bad deal.

AAA put on the spare tire for me and I took myself to the bank and then to Discount. I dropped the car off and my Dad calls just as I am handing over the keys. The wait time is and hour so he comes and gets me and we wait for them to call me come and pick up the car.

After getting my car back I popped into Walgreens on my way home, I got my son a Spongebob Christmas tree, and a Spongebob Santa figure, I went in for one item got it and splurged a whole $7 for the Spongebob items. I think they are sort of cute.



Now my car is back and I am sitting here at home munching cookies my Dad gave me to make me smile. I think he felt bad about making me get all upset. It all worked out though.

• If you know my son’s name and you post a comment please do not post his name. Thank you

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